is subscription-based platform

that offers managed masternoding services so you can capture the benefits and opportunities of masternoding ventures while keeping your time and spending it to where and to whom it's worth spending with.

What is Masternoding?

Masternoding is NOT mining. It's NOT trading too!

It is an alternate way to earn revenue is by providing technology (a master node) that relies on a proof-of-stake (PoS) approach.

A master node, like any other full node, is a node server within a network, and full nodes are important because they process transactions and store them in the blockchain.

However, a master node operator has rights beyond those of a normal full node operator, and is required to manage more critical tasks – bringing the operator higher rewards.

In order to obtain the status of a master node, the master node operator must deposit a specified number of the relevant coin. For this “staking”, along with performance of the required tasks and the provision of computing power plus storage space, the operator receives rewards based on the corresponding coin (proof-of-stake).

By operating appropriate master nodes diligently whilst constantly monitoring and optimizing with clever strategies, extraordinary profits can be realized.

What is the Benefits of

In addition to the advantages of the blockchain as a technology, with masternoding, it is possible to achieve interesting yields by providing computing power and storage space in combination with special software.


Funds locked: 8 months Minimum Deposit: 15 USD Target Yield: 3% to 10% monthly

What are the Risks? ...

Masternoding is NOT trading, so loss of capital is highly unlikely. Like any other business ventures, there are expenses, but servers are rented and contracts can be cancelled.

Very Clearly, fluctuations in coin prices affect the market, and master node earnings are always in coins. EasyNodes team monitor the master nodes constantly (24/7) to be able to react quickly to any events that might impact the yield.

Since the deposited stake becomes free again when a master node is switched off, EasyNodes can pay back deposits.

What are requirements to start?

While it has many advantages of the original Proof of Work (POW) mining, masternoding still involves technical skills to rent, setup and maintain the servers. Obviously, one needs right amount of technical knowledge to be able to run and maintain a masternode. Extensive and careful research is also needed to be able to find coin projects that are worth noding for.

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Why EasyNodes ?

With enough time to acquire technical knowledge and to scout for masternode projects and maintain the masternoded coins, you can do masternoding business all by yourself. But if you do not have the time to acquire the required technical skills or you simply don't want to spend time learning and monitoring, EasyNodes is here for you. With your deposits, we setup masternodes for projects that we have scouted and we deemed to be profitable so you can spend your time doing what matters most to you. We are committed to fully utilize our expertise and experiences in the field to be able to deliver 3% to 10% yield every month for every masternoded balance on our platform.


If we fail to deliver at least 3% yield for 4 consecutive months, you are free to withdraw all your seed money even before the 8-month locking period - No questions asked!

Onboarding Process

1. EasyNodes service is a paid susbcription service. To access our services, you need to pay subscription fee of only 50 USD, renewable yearly.

2. As an active subscriber, you can acquire our managed masternoding services. All you need to do is:
— Fund your wallet using the funding options available.
— Wait for your deposit to be confirmed.

3. Your funds will be added to your masternoded balance after 7 days from deposit confirmation.

4. Your yield will be calculated from the day your funds are added to your masternoded balance.


Withdrawal Process

Withdrawals of previous month's yield can be requested from 1st to 10th of the month and gets paid out on 10th of next month.


If you have your funds masternoded on January, you get your first yield report on February for January's yield.

You request withdrawal

of your January's yield within February 1 to 10 and it's get paid out on March 10.

This waiting period is necessary because we are dealing with a real economic venture with masternodes.

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